"It was a passion since birth and has always been in my blood....hair. As a child, I was styling hair on my dolls, Barbies, and even my sister’s hair. I was obsessed!   As I got older, I continued with the obsession, doing hair for my friend’s prom, family weddings and special events. I never realized that my childhood passion would evolve into a professional career. 

After I finished high school I entered beauty school eager to learn and after graduation in June 2000, I immediately began seeking employment in my field of endeavor.  I was blessed to find a salon that fed my hunger at the ripe age of 19 and I never looked back.

The opportunities were endless including unlimited education from New York City and Minneapolis to other areas of learning along the east coast. One of the proudest moments of my career was New York fashion week. I was humbled with the opportunity to work side by side with fashion designers that dazzled my imagination.  Names such as Perry Ellis, Rag and Bone and Marc Bouwer, to name a few, left indelible impressions.  This 5-year joy ride afforded me the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of trends and furthermore enabled me to develop an education program which was invaluable as I mentored new stylists coming into the business.  It brings me great joy to see many of these stylists now paving their own way in this exciting world of hair styling. 

Here I am doing what I love - traveling, educating, styling but there was an unfulfilled yearning that I had not accomplished yet....my dream......my own salon. I must now spread my wings and fly from the nest that has so graciously employed me for these past 13 years.  I am so proud to introduce my dream  - Victoria Jo Lee. Why was this name chosen one might ask … Victoria Jo Lee is a very special name with an intimate meaning that was derived as a combination of middle names of my mother, sister and me.  The name has evolved out of family, love, and the future of Victoria Jo Lee will extend that same love to all our patrons. So I welcome each and everyone with open arms as we join together in love as we go down this exciting road together."


Kelly Wissler